Neurological Rehabilitation. From bed wetting, to ADHD, and sensory processing disorders. Our brains are designed to work in a specific way and using the right tools and exercises children can thrive, no matter the issue. Many developmental delays in childhood can be tracked to missed milestones, disregulation or under development in certain areas of their brains. We utilize specific modalities to activate certain areas in you or your childs brain like; vibration therapy, smell therapy, sound therapy, light therapy, exercises programs, and more. Each care plan is formulated specifically for you or your child individually.

Neurologic Development Checks. We were designed to develop in a specific matter from conception until full grown, and everything has a window of how and when it should take place. This includes; crawling, walking, talking, eating, and more all at a specific time and for a specific time. Sadly many clinicians are not trained to stress the importance in development, and for this reason early intervention can be lost. We recommend a monthly to bi-monthly check to make sure that your child is developing properly, and along with these check ups, issues can be addressed if they arise along the way.

Chiropractic Care. Ensuring the body is structurally sound is the first step to achieving health success. No matter the age, anyone can benefit from chiropractic. This is also one of our strongest tools when it comes to activation of certain pathways in our nervous system.