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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

These are training wheels for the brain. They help us develop at birth when we only have about 20% of our total brains. Primitive reflexes help during the birthing process, development of motor systems, and more. The reflexes work like a time clock and if they are not used for a proper amount of time they may not go away properly. Persistent reflexes mean that you or your childs brain will be unable to fully develop the way it is designed, and can be connected to various issues including but not limited to; anxiety, dyslexia, bad handwriting, troubles with crawling/walking, excessive fidgeting, and more.

Working your brain is a lot like working a muscle. If areas in your brain are weak or not working properly they can be activated through sound, light, vibration, vestibular therapy, and many other types of treatments to help. Issues can be caused from improper initial development and/or injury along the way.

Bed wetting is a more and more common issue that is affecting kids later in life. Sometimes persistent primitive reflexes can be the cause or just under activation of the various urination centers in your child’s brain. Once again using various treatment modalities will hopefully strengthen these spots to help your child.

Our brains develop in a specific way and these milestones need to be hit in a certain time frame for everything to perfectly come together. Missed milestones earlier in life can cause a number of different issues during development, but many can be addressed.

Sensory processing is usually an over excitation and under activation in your child’s brain regulating these to be more even can show great benefit to a child experiencing these issues.

Similar to sensory processing this is an issue with an imbalance in your child’s brain. This can be caused developmentally, from underdevelopment, hormonal influences, and more. Strengthening certain areas in your child’s brain can greatly benefit attitude and attention span.

Neurology is a very difficult topic in general, and requires hundreds of hours on top of a doctorate to even begin to understand. There are more chiropractors, MD’s, PT’s, OT’s beginning to take courses but sadly still not enough to address the issues arising. Hopefully as more and more awareness comes for neurologic based therapy centers will arise.

In order for your child’s brain to specifically develop proper coordination and muscular activation enough time needs to be spent on their belly, and then crawling on their hands and knees. If these time frames are cut short a child is more likely to have persistent primitives.

Just like walking too early, walking too late can also throw off proper development with your child. Finding an answer to the slowed progression can be very beneficial for a kiddo that is a touch delayed to get back on track.

One of the most important neurologic signs in an infant/toddler is symmetry side to side. Most of the time with abnormal crawls it can be due to your child only wanting to use half of their body. Helping them even out and learn to address each side is very important for proper neurologic development.