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10 Reasons Why you need Infrared Saunas in Your Life.

A new style of sauna is gaining more “steam”, and is an amazing addition to any health routine.   Infrared technology is the most current way to reap the many health benefits of using a sauna.  When you think of a sauna, the old-fashioned steam room probably comes to mind.  You’ve seen one in the corner of your local gym.  It may smell a little funky and be occupied by a few people in any state of undress wanting to strike up a random conversation.  You may or may not feel very comfortable in this environment.  In any case, it can be difficult to fully relax and enjoy your time spent there. We’re all too busy to be doing things we don’t fully enjoy. 

Infrared sauna penetrates and warms your body from the inside out, rather than steam sauna heating the air around you then placing all the stress directly on your skin.  Infrared is a more successful way of heating the entire body, and is a more gentle process. And one of the best parts is the benefits last long after you’ve stepped out of the sauna! 

Optimizes brain function – Heat stress is one way to increase Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF. This special growth factor increases growth and production of neurons, your brain cells. The speed in which neurons grow and are created can change how quickly you may learn, adapt after injury, and more. 

Help in fighting infection – An infrared sauna increases your body temperature, acting as an artificial fever. Organisms like bacteria thrive in specific temperatures, increasing this temperature even just a few degrees can help fight off intruders. 

Time to unwind – 20-30 minutes of pure self-relaxation. Our sauna is in a quiet, dimly lit spa setting. It has Bluetooth technology if you wish to play your favorite podcast, soothing music, or even a guided meditation. Or just enjoy your time in silence, and shut out the world for a while. Our sauna bench is designed to hold two so bring a partner if you’re  interested, or use the space all to yourself!

Pain Relief  – Many of the aches and pain of older age can be caused by inflammation. One of the keystones proved in research, is reduction in overall body inflammation helping with sore muscles and joints. Reducing inflammation in the body can benefit any person by promoting overall health.

Skin purification and tightening – Our skin, or integumentary system is the largest body system that we possess. It is also one of the best ways our bodies can remove toxins and other chemicals. Clearing out pores by sweating allows your skin to refresh and clean out built up compounds. Sweating can also help your body shed off any dead or dry skin allowing the healthy skin underneath to emerge. Lastly make your skin look healthier and younger through increased collagen production, one of the primary building blocks in our skin, hair, and nails. All this leaving you looking younger and rejuvenated in the end.

Weight Loss – It has been shown that a 30 minute sauna session can burn between 300-800 calories! (depending on size and body composition). 

Body detoxification – Our environments are filled with chemicals; in the air we breath, food we eat, scents we smell, and more. This allows heavy metals, environmental toxins, chemicals, plastics, and other unfriendly compounds to collect in our bodies, and eventually become toxic to our body. Spending time in a sauna improves circulation, and also through sweating can allow your body to begin emitting some of these chemicals.

Decreased symptoms of depression –  A double blind study done at the Center for Healthy Minds at UW, Madison (GO Badgers!) showed raising the body temperature with infrared technology of depressed volunteers to the equivalent of a mild fever improved their symptoms of major depression for as long as six weeks after a single treatment.  Additional studies show that whole body heating activates areas of the brain responsible for releasing serotonin. 

 “We tap into this pathway because heat makes the brain feel happy.” 

Charles Raison- lead researcher at Center for Healthy Minds

Cardiovascular health support – Heat stress can act on the body like a moderate intensity style of workout like previously pointed out not only burning calories, but also promoting healthier overall heart and cardiovascular system. This acts much like exercise, increasing heart rate slowly and steadily for an extended period of time can help grow new capillary beds, as well as improve heart efficiency. 

Improve your sleep – According to the American sleep association sauna use can increase slow wave or deep sleep patterns in frequent users. During sleep we move throughout different wave patterns in the brain, the amount of time in deep sleep affects how restful we feel upon waking. 

While there are MANY benefits of using an infrared sauna, there are a few contraindications.  If you are pregnant, surgical implants, prone to bleeding (hemophilia), intolerant to heat, or have a fever already, you should not use an infrared sauna.  As with any medication or medical condition, it is best to ask your care provider prior to using it.  Overall, it is very safe and effective.  Schedule your session online or call 563-200-1846.

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